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Writers Thinking Aloud: 7.30pm, Monday 16 May 2022, Upstairs@NorthLondonTavern

Updated: Jan 11, 2023

One of the main purposes of Player Playwrights is to bring playwrights and actors together so they can re-energise one another, hone their craft and remain creative and purposeful.

This evening members have the chance to meet at the North London Tavern and share thoughts on many of the questions that writers are obliged to face:

Why do I write plays?

Who and what influences my writing?

How would certainty of a production influence my writing?

What makes me pleased with the work I’ve written?

How does knowing my audience affect how I write?

What would need to happen to make me feel like a successful playwright?

What would my life look like if I were a successful playwright?

How might my writing and my view of success change if I could be fearless?

Is talent a gift for the few and not the many?

What if I had no negative thoughts? How would that improve my writing?

The emphasis on this occasion will be on writing and writers but we would also hugely welcome our actor members, if they would like to join in and consider the wider creative process and artistic life.

The aim of the evening will be for writers to share their thoughts and to rebuild their hope, energy and sense of purpose as writers and creators. It should be a productive and enjoyable get-together.

Mary Conway will facilitate and everyone will given the chance to speak and think aloud, or listen and remain silent – whichever you prefer. It should be a great evening.

Please note: we have no card reader this Monday, so please bring change for entry fee.

This will be Upstairs at the North London Tavern.

During lockdown Player Playwright went online. The online events proved a success and so for this coming season we plan to alternate between live events at our traditional home, Upstairs at the North London Tavern, and online via Zoom.

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