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Winner of competition of competitions: Meryl Walker

Updated: Jan 11, 2023

Congratulations to Meryl Walker whose short play The Violinist was the out front winner of our annual competitions of competitions.

The Competition of Competitions is the play-off of the six winners and runners-up from the three short play competitions of 2019.

The results of the play off were as follows:

Winner:          Meryl Walker        “The Violinist”            158 points

Runner-up:     Rob Fearn &                “Busker”                     144 points

                                    Cheryl Freedman

            3rd place          Joshua Garwood         “WiFi Tea”                   133 points

            4th place          Jo Bhouri                     “The Spicer Show”      123 points

            5th place          Phil Mison                   “An Inspector Calls”   122 points

            6th place          John Hill                      “Alternative Therapy” 120 points

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