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Visiting Time by Melville Lovatt - 7.30pm, Monday 10 June - North London Tavern 

Stella returns to visit the husband and children she walked out on many years ago.  Her visit exposes a monstrous fiction, her past challenging the assumptions and perceptions of the present and changing forever the lives of the family.

With its own dark imagery, poetry and humour, 'Visiting Time' is a powerful family drama with sharp focus on the nature of loyalty and deception. Its portrait of a broken marriage will linger long after the final curtain.

Melville Lovatt is an award winning Playwright, Monologue Writer and Poet. His work has been widely performed in smaller theatres throughout London. His one-act play, 'The Distressed Table' was staged in March this year in a double bill at the Barons Court Theatre.

Visiting Time will be published by TSL Books later this year.

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