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The PARTING GIFT by JOANNA TILLEY and KRYSIA PEPPER - Monday 8 July, 7.30PM, Upstairs @ North London Tavern

The Parting Gift is set at a birthday party in a luxurious countryside manor, where proceedings take an unexpected twist... 

The play is approximately 60 mins and is intended for theatre in its current guise - although with potential for radio adaption. 

Joanna Tilley and Krysia Pepper are chiefly comedy writers. They have been shortlisted in writing prizes including the David Nobbs Memorial Competition, the Female Pilot Club, Final Draft's Big Break Competition and The Script Lab TSL Screenplay contest. Joanna has written comedy for BBC radio and also runs a script consultancy focusing on female characters. Krysia is a former actor who has written an international web drama series ('I Killed...' for Unified Productions). 

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