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The Mother of Kamal by Dina Ibrahim - Monday 5 June, 7.30. Downstairs @ The Gallery

The play is based on the author's true family history and is set amongst the turbulent backdrop of 1950's Iraq to the present day. In the slums of Baghdad, a Jewish mother, Um-Kamal, finds her two sons arrested by the Secret Police. Inexplicably, one is imprisoned while the other gets set free.

Um-Kamal, a reluctant Communist, risks all to save her teenage son, and decades on, conflicting family narratives emerge in Um-Kamal's search for the truth - for what really happened the night of the arrest.

Dina Ibrahim is a North London writer of plays and children's stories - by day she writes and teaches children drama, and by night she hones the craft of Stand-Up comedy!


Our Monday night readings at events for the rest of this season are now at:
The Gallery
190 Broadhurst Gardens, London NW6 3AY
(Close to West Hampstead tube (Jubilee, London Overground)

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