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Monday 3 July, 7.30. Downstairs @ The Gallery


Doreen and Arnold have driven 25 miles to buy a lamp advertised in a magazine. On seeing the lamp, Doreen is unable to decide whether she really wants it. Frustrations increase when they discover they have accidentally been locked in the shop overnight. Doreen and Arnold have been growing apart. Now trapped together with no chance of escape they are forced to examine their relationship. Will the lamp bring them together or drive them further apart?


Christine visits Bernard’s furniture shop and spots a coffee table she decides to buy. She insists, however, on certain conditions which Bernard, as the salesman, finds unacceptable. As the two haggle over its quality and price, the distressed table, having drawn them together, seems to underline the distress in their lives. Will it also be pivotal in changing their lives as both of them desperately need to move on? A poignant, ironically funny, rollercoaster play which is surprisingly uplifting.

Melville Lovatt is an award winning playwright, monologue writer, and poet. His plays have been widely performed at smaller theatres throughout London.

‘Small Mercies’, a full-length play, won both the Jack Langford Memorial Award and the Derek Lomas Memorial Award. ‘The Powers That Be’, also a full length play, won the Sussex Playwrights Club 1st prize for best play. This play has recently been performed as a Podcast by American Theatre Company, Dean Productions. Melville's one act plays, ‘The Grave’ and ‘The Kiss’ were short-listed for The Diane Raffle Award. Two monologues, ‘Egg and Spoon’ and ‘Making Adjustments’ from his 16 monologue collection ‘Standing Alone’ won the Noda Performance 1st prize award in 2018.

Melville is a 4 times winner of the Harrow Times Poetry Competition and his first 74 poem poetry collection, ‘Dancing for England’ was published by TSL publications in 2022. He is currently working on a second poetry collection.

His plays are also published by TSL publications. For further details click here

PLAYER PLAYWRIGHTS HAS MOVED! Monday night readings/events for rest of season are at: The Gallery 190 Broadhurst Gardens, London NW6 3AY (Close to West Hampstead tube (Jubilee, London Overground)

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