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The 'Kindness of Strangers' radio play contest winners

Congratulations to Katherine Way whose play,  The Charity Woman, picked up the top prize in our radio play contest.

The play,  about a feisty retired teacher whose life is turned up side down in unexpected ways after she is mugged by one of her formers pupils, won out against tough competition.

The play was performed online before a live and very appreciative Player Playwrights audience on Monday night. 

The other prizes winners in the contest which took at its starting point, The KindNess Of Strangers:​

Second Place: The Shed by Stephen Dinsdale

A homeless girl takes up residence in the garden shed of a middle class couple, who treat her well even when she has three others join her.  Then COVID strikes; and unexpected kindness is shown all round.  An amusing and heart-warming story.

Third Place: Samaritans by Lynne O’Sullivan

Should we offer a lift to that exhausted couple of hitch-hikers? Or pass on by?

In Lynne’s play the disgruntled couple in the car decide to give them a lift, with interesting consequences.

​Forth Place: Hampers by Eamann Breen

A rich lady telephones Fortnum & Masons (or somewhere like that) and orders a hamper to be sent to a relative.  Shortly after she places another order, this time for a hamper to be sent to a friend, and another and another at monthly intervals.  Gradually we realise that she does it because she is lonely and the saleswoman is always so kind to her.  Has an almost happy ending.

Runners up:

Reward points by Peter Briffa

A vagrant (Ben) telephones a rich lady (Miriam) to say he has found her purse, with a lot of money in it: £5000.  They meet and tell each other lies because one of them is setting a trap for the other, or perhaps both are.  Does sex come into it?  Well yes, but it’s a clever plot and I don’t want to spoil it for you.

​A Force of Nature by Jim Mannering

Harry and Colette are working long term on a new vaccine and early tests are promising.  They celebrate and realise that they love each other and then there are more tests…..

​All of the top plays will be performed live and online in coming weeks. Watch this space.

​If you would like to become a member, it is really simple. Email Tony Diggle on for details.

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