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The Cupola Room by Rob Fearn: Monday 16 March, 7.30pm

Updated: Jan 11, 2023

The Cupola Room is a dystopian drama set in London in the 2030s. Former vlogger Tommy Moss is the latest populist president of the Republic of England and Wales, elected on a brutal, nationalist platform. When Moss dies unexpectedly, just months into his term, his aides alight on a creative way of keeping the show on the road: forcing Dev, an immigrant taxi driver who bears a striking resemblance to Moss, to impersonate him. But Dev has a complicated history of his own, and it quickly becomes clear that complicity in Moss’s project has dangerous consequences. Running time: 60-70 mins Rob Fearn is a journalist and playwright who currently works as an editor at The Guardian. He co-wrote a screenplay, The Living Legend, that was read at Player Playwrights in 2014.

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