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The Accident - 7.30pm, Monday 26 April 2021

The Accident by Tom Pauk

An unlikely, long-distance friendship strikes up between an Indian call-centre operative and the man he cold calls about “the accident that was not your fault”.

A play for radio that explores ideas around suicide and mental health.

A former solicitor, Tom writes plays for stage and radio, and volunteers in the areas of suicide prevention, criminal justice and dementia.

Jonathan Hansler takes on the main role.

Monday 26 April is also the deadline to get in your entry for the next Player Playwrights competition for Members.

The theme is THEN AND NOW.

The brief: write a ten minute play on old chums meeting up who have not seen each other since their schooldays.

Their circumstances could be anything; happily or unhappily married; with/without kids; high-flying career, on the street, in prison. The sky's the limit!

The rules are as follows:

Entries to be emailed to competitions secretary, Giles Armstrong, at by Monday 26 April at the latest.

Reading time for each entry must not exceed ten minutes or fall short of five, to avoid disqualification.

Scripts to include two to four characters with a list of their names. The author's name must not appear on the script.

Authors may suggest casting, but the final choice will be absolutely at the discretion of the casting secretary.

Authors may have ONE read-through with the cast, and give the cast brief notes. Authors are responsible for arranging this.

The cast are asked not to reveal the names of authors, so that as far as possible these are not known.

Only the first ten entries to be received will be accepted for the competition but we may be able to arrange readings of surplus scripts on another occasion.

The scripts submitted to Giles will be the final one. No amendment of scripts will be permitted.

All our Monday night events are on Zoom for the foreseeable future. Members get access to all events and can enter competitions as part of their membership.

If you are a Member, remember to renew your membership. If you want to become a Member, please join us.

We have frozen our annual membership costs. It remains at £12 for the first year with an £8 annual renewal fee.

To renew your membership or to become a member contact Tony Diggle on

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