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Short play contest winner: Meryl Walker

Congratulations to Meryl Walker whose short play, Wedding Night Nerves, was the clear winner of the latest Player Playwright contest.

The contest, which had as its theme: One Of Us Is Lying, saw seven very different and highly entertaining entries, all performed live by our talented troupe of actors Upstairs at the North London Tavern.

It produced a lively and fun night.

The identities of the writers were kept concealed from the Member audience who, at the end of the night, awarded points to the entries.

The results were as follows:

Winner - WEDDING NIGHT NERVES - Meryl Walker - 136 points

Runners up x 3!

HOW WAS IT FOR YOU? - Sally Sheringham - 101 points

THE OTHER ROOM - Melville Lovatt - 101 points

THE LOVE PILLOW - Martin Keady - 101 points

5th COSMIC RAPPROCHEMENT - Kevin Connor - 99 points

6th THE LYING KIND - Julia Collier - 85 points

7th A WALTZ WITH MARTIN BASHIR - Dr Matthew Partridge - 81 points

Congratulations to Meryl and well done all the entered!

Photo: Meryl (centre) with Player Playwright board Co-Chairs Ninaz Khodaji and Mary Conway

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