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REVOLUTIONS by Ezra Elia - 7.30pm, Monday 26th September, Upstairs@NorthLondonTavern  

Updated: Jan 11, 2023

C (Chaos) and O (Order) together embody the essence of all Nature. Their lives are infinitely long, and filled with glorious effects.

Yet O is frustrated with C. His constant, meddling interruptions have caused them both unending mayhem, including the agricultural, industrial and digital revolutions, Monotheism, Romanticism, multiple mass extinctions, and the violent collapse of our entire Universe.

In time, O learns to accept C for his spritely quasi-genius, and C learns to adapt himself to O's devout sincerity. Yet, once more, both are faced with the same, old question: how might they work together, without reeking even more havoc?

Ezra Elia is a published author and playwright, known for the cult arts satire We Go to the Gallery, which he wrote with his sister Miriam, and the Beckettian rodent nightmare, The Diary of Edward the Hamster 1990-1990.

As our Treasurer, Tony Diggle and his card machine are currently away, Members please bring £3.00 cash entry fee. (Non-Members very welcome - admission £4)

PLEASE NOTE: During lockdown and post lockdowns Player Playwright went partially online. For this new season we are still holding some evenings on line, but all of our new play readings will take place in person Upstairs@NorthLondon Tavern. 

We made this decision after discussions with our authors who, overwhelmingly, told us that they value the in-person feedback of a live audience.

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