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New Play Commission Scheme, 7.30pm, Monday 23 May 2022, ZOOM event

Playwright Nick Wood will talk about the New Play Commission Scheme (NPCS) which is now accepting applications.

Led by the Writers Guild, HighTide Theatre, UK Theatre and the Independent Theatre Council, it is designed to respond to the decline in new theatre commissions during the Covid-19 pandemic, and will ensure 15 new commissions for playwrights across England in 2022.

Perhaps some of them will be Player Playwright members.

Nick Wood was an actor, a freelance journalist and a teacher before he became a full time writer. His commissions include BBC Radio Four, Derby Playhouse, Thalia Theatre Hamburg, The Drum, Plymouth, Action Transport, Theatr Iolo, Eastern Angles and Nottingham Playhouse.

His plays have been produced in Canada, the USA, Belgium, Luxembourg, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Croatia, Montenegro, and Bosnia, and have won several awards in Europe.

This will be online on Zoom, and is free for all members.

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