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Monday 9 March, 7.30pm​: The Wasps, by Eamann Breen

Updated: Mar 8, 2020

Monday 9 March, 7.30pm

The Wasps, by Eamann Breen

THE WASPS is an unlikely tale of funerals, friendship and taking chances:

DENNIS: Are they old friends?

MOIRA: They might be old but they're not my friends.

DENNIS: Where I come from, we have a name for people like them.

MOIRA: You have?

DENNIS: Yes, the wasps who eat the honey...

Eamann Breen is a London Irish playwright and storyteller. His play THE HOSTAGES was presented at Player Playwrights in 2018 and SHIN-AID was a 2019 Druid Theatre Debut at the Galway International Arts Festival.

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