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Monday 6 March, 7.30pm - EMBRACING THE ENEMY by Philip Clapson, Upstairs @ North London Tavern

Embracing the Enemy explores the life and thoughts of Mikhail Brusilov, a businessman in Communist Russia, who escapes to Britain just before the fall of the Soviet system. It contrasts the impact of the approaches of each form of social life, and the search for reason and happiness.

The plays portrays life in Russia and Britain in terms of freedom, authority and personal expectations. In the current situation between Russia and the Ukraine impacting the West generally, the play has particular relevance.

Embracing the Enemy was written in the late 1980s. It was considered for production by Alan Strachan at Greenwich, and for the West End by Robert Fox. It received a public reading at Manchester Royal Exchange with Simon Callow taking the central role of Brusilov.

Philip wrote a number of plays in the 1980s and was represented by Peggy Ramsay.

There is no event on Monday 27 February.

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