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Majesty, The final hours of King Charles l - 7.30pm Monday 7 February - at the NLT

Updated: Jan 11, 2023

A new two-hander stage play on a crucial moment in English history from Mary Conway

This performance will be live on stage Upstairs at the North London Tavern.

After seven years of a brutal and bloody civil war, King Charles I has been found guilty of treason and is condemned to death.

On the night before his execution, we find him imprisoned in a two-room suite in St. James’s Palace, utterly alone and in a state of such despair that he breaks the habit of a lifetime to converse with the lowly servant who comes to stoke his fire.

From here begins a night of personal transformation for Charles, as a man and as a king. And when another – hugely significant – visitor in the shape of Oliver Cromwell invades his turmoil, Charles and his unexpected guest are forced to bare their souls, face their demons and shape forever the future that awaits them.

Mary Conway is Co-Chair of Player Playwrights and a previous Playwright of the Year. She is an experienced writer and theatre critic (formerly actor and director) and led the PP collaborative group from 2011.

During lockdown Player Playwright went online. The online events proved a success and so for this coming season we plan to alternate between live events at our traditional home, Upstairs at the North London Tavern, and online via Zoom.

This event will be Upstairs at the North London Tavern

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