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COMPETITION PLAY OFF - 7.30pm Monday 31 January - ON ZOOM

Updated: Jan 11, 2023

The best loved pieces in our three short play contests from 2021 will play off against each other to find the best overall piece.

Here are the shorts in contention:

1. DESCENT - Michael Barry

2. FAMILY - Phil Mison

3. THE INTERVENTION - Matthew Partridge

4. LAURA AND FRED - Sally Sheringham

5. READY - Michael Barry

6. THE GRASS IS ALWAYS GREENER - Matthew Partridge

7. PLAYING A STRAIGHT BAT - Sally Sheringham


9. HOW WAS IT FOR YOU? - Sally Sheringham

10. THE OTHER ROOM - Melville Lovatt

11. THE LOVE PILLOW - Martin Keady

Join us online and have your say about which play wins the overall title.

During lockdown Player Playwright went online. The online events proved a success and so for this coming season we plan to alternate between live events at our traditional home, Upstairs at the North London Tavern, and online via Zoom.

This event will be via Zoom

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