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Celebrating Peter Thompson

A very special event to round off the current season on Player Playwrights.

An evening at the North London Tavern celebrating one of Player Playwrights' leading and longest serving members, Peter Thompson.

Comedy writing legend and our joint president, Maurice Gran was on hand to host the celebrations.

Peter's family were also in attendance.

The evening included a reading of Peter's legal based comedy drama, 'Dormer and Granddaughter', performed by a team of Player Playwright's talented actor members.

The play was produced on BBC Radio Four in the Seventies.

Peter has been the lifeblood of Player Playwrights for many years and without him we could not have flourished as a group in the way we have.

Peter also gave his personal and generous support to writers involved in Player Playwrights.

Player Playwrights takes a break for Easter but we will be back Monday 9 May with a new season of play readings, talks and contests.

*thanks for Ninaz Khodaiji for the photos

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