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AFTER YOU'VE GONE by Brad Sutherland - Monday 25 March, 7.30pm NORTH LONDON TAVERN

Jeanie and Yusuf meet to commemorate the death of a school friend, but the solemn occasion is interrupted by the return of Big Daig, the king of their year. After fourteen years since his disappearance, is Daig the god they followed at school, or is he the broken man that couldn’t cope in the adult world? 

The three friends embark on re-living the hope of their youth, while all the time they get closer and closer to the reckoning they have been avoiding for so many years.

Brad Sutherland won Player Playwrights Best Play Award for 2023 and has had plays performed at The Park, Southwark Playhouse, Barons Court Theatre, OSO Arts Centre and White Bear Theatre.

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