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7.30pm, Monday 21 March, COMMITTEE MEETING Upstairs@NorthLondonTavern

Updated: Jan 11, 2023

This coming Monday will be a meeting of the Player Playwright Committee Upstairs at The North London Tavern

Our programme of new play readings will continue on Monday 28 March On Zoom with:

TOWER STREET by Lynne O’Sullivan

Bradley Benson is a high flying property developer at the top of his game, transforming derelict buildings into luxury apartments. But when an old acquaintance turns up, he finds that demolishing the past isn’t quite as easy….

Lynne wrote Tower Street ten years ago as a lunchtime soap for the stage, shown in six parts at what was once the Actors’ Centre, off Leicester Square. A pilot was filmed, directed by US actress, producer and ex soap star, Niki Flacks. The project lay on a shelf until recently when Lynne dusted it off and brought it up to date as an idea for a mini-series.

Here is a taster trailer from the original :

During lockdown Player Playwright went online. The online events proved a success and so for this coming season we plan to alternate between live events at our traditional home, Upstairs @ the North London Tavern, and online via Zoom.

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