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7.30pm, Monday 10 October - AMORAL PLAY BY CHRIS SALT

Updated: Jan 11, 2023

‘Is there such a thing as community anymore?’ asks a well-intentioned but hopelessly naïve documentary-maker to a largely disinterested Gotherswick. As it turns out, there is. It’s just not what he expected.

‘I want to work with people round here.’


‘Why not? Aren’t you as good as anywhere else?’

‘Depends, doesn’t it. I mean there are some right dickheads round here.’

Chris Salt is an applied film, theatre and creative writing practitioner. As co-founder and director of Edgeways Productions he works with diverse communities producing new work through arts engagement projects.

PLEASE NOTE: During lockdown and post lockdowns Player Playwright went partially online. For this new season we are still holding some evenings on line, but all of our new play readings will take place in person Upstairs@NorthLondon Tavern.

We made this decision after discussions with our authors who, overwhelmingly, told us that they value the in-person feedback of a live audience.

Members attending Monday night events pay £3 on the door. Non-members are very welcome to come along and pay £4 on the door.

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