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Germkillers in America by Ronald Fernee Monday 25 November 2019

Updated: Jan 11, 2023

GERMKILLERS IN AMERICA is the first installment of two, 45 minute radio dramas, based on the almost forgotten, true story of the Oxford scientists Norman Heatley and Howard Florey (pictured), and their team.who struggled to develop Penicillin in England, during the dark days of World War II.

However, help is at hand with the still neutral Yanks, once our scientists can overcome the anti-British prejudices of the America First movement. The self interests of the Pharmaceutical Industry also prove an obstacle. And then, they hear of a woman, who is dying of infection. Perhaps, if they can save her life, then America will believe in Penicillin, too? It's a very human story that's full of colourful characters, drama, intrigue, humour and pluck.

Ron Fernee has been a professional actor for over 40 years, and has recently completed an MA in Scriptwriting at UAL. Earlier this year, he had a short play produced as part of the Get Over It Festival, at the Chiswick Playhouse. He wrote a one man play, TREE!, that he performed professionally in London, Edinburgh, and America. Ron has previously had other full length plays and shorts read at Player Playwrights and the Script Tank.

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