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VISITING TIME by Melville Lovatt, 7.30pm, Monday 4 November

Stella returns to visit the husband and children she walked out on many years ago.

Her visit exposes a monstrous fiction, her past challenging the assumptions and perceptions of the present and changing forever the lives of the family.

With it’s own dark imagery, poetry and humour, VISITING TIME is a powerful family drama with sharp focus on the nature of loyalty and deception.

It’s unflinching portrait of a divided family proves finally to be surprisingly uplifting’.

Melville Lovatt is an award winning playwright and monologue writer whose work has been widely performed in smaller theatres throughout London.

A number of his plays have won awards:

‘The Powers That Be’ won The Sussex Playwrights Club 1st Prize for best full length play.

‘Small Mercies’, a full length play, won The Jack Langford Memorial Award

and The Derek Lomas Memorial Award.

Two one act plays, ‘The Grave’ and ‘The Kiss’ were shortlisted for

The Diane Raffle Award.

Two monologues, ‘Egg And Spoon’ and ‘Making Adjustments’

From his 16 monologue collection, ‘Standing Alone’

Won the 2018 NODA London Festival Performance Showcase Competition.

In mid April this year, his short two hander play ‘Bedtime Story’ was performed at The White Bear Theatre, Kennington.

Some of Melville’s plays are published by TSL Publications. Go to

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