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The Quarrel by Jane Weymouth & Xq28 by Dan Horrigan. Monday 28 October, 7.30pm

The Quarrel by Jane Weymouth

Janice has always had a conflicted relationship with her mother. In adulthood this reaches breaking point.

Then her mother regresses into the second childhood of old age.

How will Janice cope?

Jane Weymouth was educated at Roedean and has a degree in English from Reading University. She has a PGCE from Goldsmiths and taught English and Drama at secondary schools.

Since retiring ten years ago, she has written many short stories at Creative Writing classes and self published a novel about her Great- Grandmother’s life in service called “Eliza Stone.”


Xq28 by Dan Horrigan

Xq28 is a story about love in a world where choice is strictly controlled. When you don't exist how do you become who you need to be? It is a dystopian look at a world that already exists, with a focus on what it means to love and be loved and the sacrifices we are prepared (or not) to make in order to love freely.

Dan Horrigan is an award-winning writer and director for stage and screen and indi film festival judge and screenplay co-ordinator in the USA.

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