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Situation Dog by Ian Reade / Monday 21 October, 7.30pm

Monday 21 October, 7.30pm

Situation Dog by Ian Reade

"Situation Dog” by Ian Reade is a one man show that was described by Papatango Playwriting Competition readers as, “a witty, compelling and at times shocking monologue. The speaker is a fascinating, layered character, whose voice is sustained well – always a difficult feat in this form – and who holds our interest throughout. The balance between gruesome detail and genuine reflection is maintained well; the play manages to be both gripping yet thoughtful….”. Tony Pitch, an anonymous office worker, undergoes a marital break up due to his own infidelity and we watch his life quickly spiral out of control on a helter skelter of hyperbole and alcohol-driven angst. His weakened psychology leads him to blame the innocent and the vulnerable for his own poor decisions; is there any possibility of redemption for this much-flawed anti-hero? A black comedy which embraces a carefully constructed and relevant plea for tolerance. Ian Reade, professional actor and drama teacher, will perform “Situation Dog” on 21st October, as a precursor to taking the show out on the road next year. Please come to give vital feedback and criticism.

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