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Writers forum - 7.30pm, Monday 23 September

Player Playwrights returns from its summer break on Monday 23 September, at our usual venue, Upstairs at the North London Tavern, at 7.30pm.

The first event will be an informal discussion for writers led by Kevin Mandry. Writing can be a rather insular occupation. This is a chance to interact with other writer members for an evening of shared ideas/experiences or just general chat over a drink.

Kevin explains: "At PP we regularly meet to discuss and analyse plays, but one thing we rarely do is to simply talk about the actual business of sitting down and writing with other writers. So for the first meeting of the autumn season I'll be leading a loosely structured conversation about the whole messy business; a chance to compare notes, to swap ideas and advice, air frustrations and maybe...rekindle enthusiasms? If you’ve got problems that need advice, grievances to air, tips to share, or if you’d just like to compare and contrast your experience of the whole perplexing business, come along and get it all off your chest in the company (for once) of other people who have some idea of why you do it, and what you’re going through!"

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