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Monday 1 April - Call It Vienna by Michael Barry

During the Second World War, our understanding of the depths to which humanity can sink was pushed down to a new and terrible abyss.

Two women meet in a version of Hell. They both do what they can to survive, but what happens when the strategies of each one depends upon the ability of the other to understand? And what happens when their two different natures makes this understanding impossible?

This play looks at the ways people survive, the extreme measures they will go to, and how the instinct to survive can go terribly wrong. Michael Barry took early retirement from the Civil Service, where he was responsible for keeping safe courts and judiciary in England and Wales, to write. His play, ‘A Kind Bowl’ was performed to acclaim in St.Giles-in-the-Fields as part of the Transcend Festival in July 2013. He has been a member of ‘Player-Playwrights’ for ages and his plays have won ‘best comedy’ and ‘best short play’ awards. His play ‘The First Modern Man’ has just finished a successful run at the Hen and Chickens theatre in Islington.

Currently his short play ‘Hanging Around’ is being cast for performance at the INK festival in East Anglia, having won the ‘themed play’ competition. He lives in north London, with his wife, Sharon, step-children, and cat. He is occasionally seen jogging heavily around Islington’s streets with an optimistic look to him.

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