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Monday 18 February - Travelers by David Conway

Travelers by David Conway

Travelers is about Irish tinkers, or travelers. Molly, and her husband Johnny are quarrelling about the fate of their children. He wants to take them back to the main tinker in County Mayo, she wants them to lead a completely different life. They row, with violent consequences.

Years later in London, after Molly has served ten years in prison, she is in danger from Narco gangs, Mafia, and her own people, because she has access to a huge stash of cash and drugs. We also meet Tessie, an Irish neighbour who proves a catalyst in her redemption, and Sean, her lover, as well as the undercover officers charged with protecting her, on her long journey to redemption.

David Conway is an Irishman happily living in the UK for much of his life. He has written two Irish plays which have had readings at Player Playwrights.

There is still time to enter our latest short play contest.

The theme is The Times Are A-Changin'

The deadline for entries has been extended to 25 February.Click here for details and get writing!

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