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Competition of competition winner

Congratulations to Lynne O'Sullivan whose play The Unkindness of Strangers was voted best short play of Player Playwrights 2018 season.

Lynne said: "Thanks again to Jim, Silas, Fiona, Elizabeth and Phil for doing such a wonderful job on my play."

The full results of Monday's play off competition:

1st - The Unkindness of Strangers - Lynne O'Sullivan (Score 205)

2nd - When There's a Will There's a Hathaway - Matthew Partridge (Score 179)

3rd - It's Over - Sally Sheringham (Score 175)

4th - Hanging Around - Michael Barry (Score 174)

5th - Two Men and a Fish (Stargazey Pie) - Ron Fernee (Score 169)

6th - The Story of How Little Red Riding Hood's Granny Took to Her Bed - Erica Litten (Score 144)

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