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Monday 29 October, 7.30pm: #Me Three by Marc Blake

A man wakes, trussed to a table in a cellar. Behind him is a woman with a knife and an agenda.

It is his ex-girlfriend, Fiona. She has slipped rohypnol in his drink and brought him here to obtain an apology for dumping her in a Parisian suburb some years ago. More importantly, she wants to see remorse.

Via social media, she’s discovered that he is a serial monogamist. A 4th wave feminist, she is willing to hurt him. Castration, or even murder, is up for grabs.

Dark comedy. 50 mins.

Player Playwright events are open to all. Members pay £2.50 entry & non-members £4 entry. You can become a member on the night. All events start at 7.30pm and take place upper room, North London Tavern

Click here for short rundown on the Autumn season of play readings and talks

SHORT PLAY COMPETITION: This season's competition theme is UNDISCOVERED GEMS. Deadline 5 November.

To find out more details click here and get writing!

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