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Monday 4 June: Instructions Not Included & Group

A double bill of new short plays.

Instructions Not Included by John Hill: As Sebastian tries to show his wife he doesn’t need the fricking instructions to assemble a lousy flat-pack bookcase, it becomes increasingly obvious something is preying on both their minds other than his evident failure and the imminent arrival of the over-achieving in-laws. John Hill was short-listed for a Channel 4 TV comedy award, and was winner and runner up of the Player Playwrights comedy award in the same year. His Camden and Edinburgh Fringe debuts received several 4 and 5-star reviews and he has IMDB credits for writing two episodes of a TV sitcom. His plays have featured in numerous festivals and competitions - and even won a few.

Group by Pearl David: Group is a dark comedy, following the reluctant members of a club that no one wants to belong to, a cancer support group. Not quite strangers, possibly the people each would avoid at a barbeque, the characters are united by only two things: their diagnoses and their suspicion that the “therapist” doesn’t know what he’s doing.

Pearl David is an immigrant, though not the kind you'd imagine, and a writer, though as yet not a produced one, although recently she's made it to quite a few short lists, so she remains hopeful. She lives in Hertfordshire but travels into London as often as possible to go to the theatre, and is happy to share what she's learned about how to get the best seats for the cheapest price if asked.

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