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Monday 30 April, Area 52 by Marc Blake

Area 51 is the US Military site in the Nevada Desert where alien life was 'discovered.' Next to it is a giant hangar (Area 52) containing two US Army soldiers: A corporal and a captain; neither of whom know whom or what they are guarding. When they discover scratch marks on the walls and dried blood on the floor, the question becomes – who the guard is, and who the prisoner. 'Waiting for Godot' meets the 'Twilight Zone' in a tense drama of suspicion, bluff and double bluff and a nerve-shredding conclusion. One hangar, Two men, one Alien.

Marc Blake is the author of novels Sunstroke, Bigtime and Spirit of the Blitz as well as the ITV Drama, The Swap. He has written extensively on Comedy and Horror (How not to write Sitcom, Writing the Comedy Movie & Writing the Horror movie – now in its 2nd Edition) This is his first hour long stage play. His short plays, The Man who shot Kennedy and Sw1pe, were performed at Player Playwrights in 2017.

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