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Monday 23 April The Spinning House by Rogerio Correa

ADELIA, a senile old lady lives in a world where hallucination and reality collide, oscillating between a hopeful past and a cruel present. The lives of her relatives - Tereza, her tense daughter and Mario, her gay grandson - are also impacted by her condition. As Mario meets 19 year-old Muslim Nigerian youth Fantusi on a gay chat site, their avatars develop a sexual relationship. However, Mario and Fantusi manage to glimpse each other's true selves and establish some meaningful contact through this fantasy Internet world. In these situations, past and present, real life and virtual reality overlap and clash.

The Spinning House is a play about the different realities people live and how we all crave for human contact, even from the most unlikely and unreal sources.

Rogerio Correa is a playwright working in the UK and Brazil. He completed his M.A. degree in Scriptwriting at Goldsmiths in 2013. In 2012 he had his first play staged in Brazil (Dona Adelia), having been selected in Banco do Brasil Urgent Drama Competition. His play Na Real was shortlisted for the most prestigious playwriting competition in Brazil (Seleção Brasil em Cena 2015). Rogerio’s play Mona & I was staged at the Teatro Cervantes in London in 2017 and was also the Runner-Up in the Best Comedy category in the Playwrights Playwrights Award, 2017

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