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Monday 5th March: Café Of The Damned

From the current holder of the PP 'Play of the Year' Award comes 'Cafe of the Damned'. Jim Mannering introduces us to the third least expensive diner in Gravesend.

In the backroom of a greasy spoon the old, under-employed and over-medicated while away the day, exchanging cliches over weak tea. Nothing ever changes.

Until it does. A pacey dark comedy with five twists and no scene changes.

The cast includes: Phil Philmar, Jim Mannering (pictured), Jo Richards, Jamie Kooij, Adam Boakes.

Mannering is an actor and writer. His previous play Dark Room debuted at last years Camden Fringe with a sell out run, garnering all fours and fives from the critics. His debut feature film is in pre production and his sit com pilot is in post production.

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