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Monday, 22nd January The Hostages by Eamann Breen

The Hostages is a dark comedy about two sisters, a childhood game, memories reignited by the sudden appearance of an old neighbour and the power of a shared history.

MARGARET: "They say Satan never sleeps, however if he does, he sleeps with Helen Pringle."

Margaret and Alice sit in their living room and watch their neighbours return from Sunday Mass. They gossip and laugh. One ne

ighbour sparks a memory. The sisters have a secret. In fact they have many secrets...

No one knows what happened behind closed doors.

With Lynne Sullivan as Alice and Anthea Courtenay as Margaret

Eamann Breen is an Irish playwright and storyteller. His writings have been rejected by some of the most important literary institutions in Europe and North America. This is his first reading at Player Playwrights.

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