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The Player Playwrights annual awards

The curtain was brought down on Player Playwrights Autumn season in style with its annual Xmas party, complete with renditions, music, comedy and a new panto from Tim Gambrell.

It also saw the handing out of the annual prizes for the year's outstanding writing and performances

Co-Presidents Laurence Marks and Maurice Gran were on hand to give out the awards including, slightly embarrassingly, to themselves for the year's best comedy.

The winners in full:

Best actor: Phil Philmar (pictured with best actress Fiona McKinnon and, centre, best playwright Jim Mannering)

Runner up: Johnny Hansler

Best actress: Fiona McKinnon

Runner up: Rebecca Finch

Best play: The Club by Jim Mannering

Runner up: The Road to Skibereen by Angela Walsh

Best Comedy: Three Into Two by Laurence Marks and Maurice Gran

Runner up: Mona and I by Rogerio Coffea

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