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Monday, 23th October: The Road To Skibbereen

Updated: Jan 11, 2023

Lianna is used to dealing with learning difficulties: she's had them all her life. But now her boyfriend keeps morphing into Dr Who, her mum is trying to walk from Liverpool to Skibbereen and she herself is deeply troubled by what drove Lady Macbeth mad.

A play about that most difficult of all things to learn: how to let go… with love.

Angela Walsh has worked extensively as an actress in theatre, film and TV including playing Carole Salter in "Brookside", Sheila in Philippa Lowthorpe's "Eight Hours From Paris" and Eileen in Terence Davies's multi award-winning film "Distant Voices, Still Lives".

"The Road To Skibbereen "is inspired by people and events in Angela's own family and by her experience of working with learning disabled adults.

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