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Monologue Evening

Come and join us for our Monologue evening where our actors will be able to perfect their audition critique with Talent agent Brian Parsonage Kelly. The order of the evening is as follows:

Noes Woes by Peter Skyte read by Phil Philmar The Message by Mal Lewis Jones read by Natalie Harper Another Life by Caroline Langston read by Julie Nunn The great Escape by Martin Mcmanara read by Louise Larchbourne Chrissy by Eddie Colman read by Sevda Levent Shutter by Lynne O’Sullivan read by James Sutherland Gary by Miranda Keeling read by Miranda Keeling Keep it Clean by Michael Barry read by Liz Trublood Laws of Attraction by Elaine Clayton read by Lynne O’Sullivan I tell it like it is by Angela Higson read by Fiona McKinnon Refugee by Kara May read by Sakuntala Ramanee (Tbc)

We look forward to seeing you there!


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