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Updated: Jan 11, 2023

Congratulations to Peter Eyre whose entry in our more recent short play contest was the overall winner.

Thank you to all the members who produced some excellent new short plays under the theme: A Question of Balance.

The results in full:

Winner - THE ACTIVIST - Peter Eyre 105 points

2nd - THE MOVE - Meryl Walker 93 points

3rd - MY TURN - Martin Keady 89 points

4th - A QUESTION OF BALANCE Melville Lovatt 82 points

5th - KNIGHTS IN WHITE T-SHIRTS Matthew Partridge 81 points

6th - A QUESTION OF BALANCE IN THE NAVY Stephen Dinsdale 75 points

7th - 2 MINUTES, 27 SECONDS Peter Skyte 74 points

THE CONFESSION (by Padraig Lynch) was unfortunately disqualified due to running over time.

Congrats to Peter and well done all who took part!

All best

Lynne & Giles

Competitions team

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