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The Times They Are A Changin' - The winning entries

Congratulations to the winners of our first Player Playwright short play contest of 2019.

The entry judged to be best the audience was The Busker in which a would-be Bob Dylan sings about the times a-changing but finds adjusting to a new world more difficult.

It was written by two co-writers: Rob Fearn and Cheryl Freedman

The runner-up was The Spicer Show by Jo Bhouri – a very switched on piece set in a very Alan Partridge type TV studio.

The theme for this contest was The Times They Are A Changin'

The full list of plays on the night and scores:

1. “Busker” by Rob Fearn and Cheryl Freedman – 140 pts.

2. “The Spicer Show” by Jo Bhouri – 137 pts

3. “Meet the Boss” by Matthew Partridge – 127 pts.

4. “Blight” by Julia Collier – 111 pts.

5. “Eleanor Rigby” by Anne Curtis – 106 pts.

6. “The Chill” by Jim Mannering – 105 pts.

7. “The Third Degree” by Barry Staff – Disqualified as it was over time.

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