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Eveline And Frank Are In Buenos Aires, by Richard Woulfe - 7.30pm, 26 November

Eveline has escaped her humdrum life in Dublin to live with Frank in Buenos Aires. However, Frank is not the success she believed, and they both take lowly-paid jobs. An opportunity arises for Eveline at Frank’s workplace, and she takes it. She is moving up whereas Frank is not. Eveline’s friend at work tries to persuade her to leave Frank in favour of her employer, who proposes marriage. He is younger, and offers security. Her alternative is Frank, whose behaviour is increasingly erratic. The truth and fictions of emigration are the central theme, and also woven into the structure of the drama as alternative versions of the same event are presented. The play is suggested by Eveline, a James Joyce short story. The play can stand alone without any knowledge of Joyce’s work. Richard Woulfe’s radio script, His Most-Obedient Servant, was produced in 2011 by The Wireless Theatre Company. In June 2012 A muse is it I am? a play based on the relationship between James Joyce and his partner/wife was broadcast by RTE Radio. A stage play, The Civilised, was given a reading in Belfast in 2012 by Accidental Theatre. In June 2105, there was a staged reading of Just Words by Player/ Playwrights. In 2018 A La Carte was performed by Underexposed Theatre at the Old Red Lion Theatre.

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