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Writers Talking : 7.30pm, Monday 24 May, 2021

Why do people watch theatre at all?

To see the world through fresh eyes. To live, for an hour or two, more intensely.

So what, as writers, are we doing to make that happen?

Last year we held an evening given over to writers chatting about the business of writing - and it was so well received that we've scheduled another - hosted by Kevin Mandry and, this time, held on Zoom.

That first meeting had no central theme, this time we will look at a specific topic - "Escaping Your Comfort Zone"

​ Virtually all the scripts we look at at PP fall under the heading of Linear/Naturalistic. However, this is not the only way of writing or constructing drama, and indeed for much of history and many parts of the world it's not even been the norm.

Does a group like PP actually encourage conformity and caution? Is bog-standard naturalism actually a shackle? Are we tempted to write to please one another? Are there other ways of writing that would actually liberate our imaginations? Do we settle too often for writing within our Comfort Zone? Can we escape it? And if so, how? And what might be the rewards?

Actors and non-writers - please feel free to join in and give us your insights. Do you find the scripts you're offered interesting/challenging enough? Are there developments you'd like to see? Are there directions you'd like to push writers in?

Think about it. And, by way of getting you started, here are just a few suggestions that might get you thinking...

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