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THE MODERN ALCHEMIST - 7.30pm, Monday 1 March 2021


THE MODERN ALCHEMIST derives from Ben Jonson’s farce The Alchemist, first performed in 1610. Jonson’s play is about confidence tricksters who gull people into believing they can turn metal into gold.

The modern equivalents are management consultants and life coaches, and this riotous comedy has two such people, operating their scams from the empty Bishops Avenue house owned by a Russian oligarch who has fled London to avoid the virus.

Francis Beckett is a journalist, author and playwright. His last play, A MODEST LITTLE MAN, about Clement Attlee, started life at P-P and has had two sellout fringe productions. It would have had at least one more if it had not been for the virus. Earlier plays have appeared on radio and the London fringe, and two of them are published by Samuel French.

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