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The Powers That Be by Melville Lovatt - Monday, 28 June 7.30pm

Updated: Jun 22, 2021

Matt and Gary are ‘minding’ a man and awaiting instructions from the powers that be which will decide the man’s fate, and also, unbeknown to Gary, his own.

For Gary, the time has finally come to prove himself to the powers that be. ‘It’s an aptitude test of some kind, that’s all.’

A dark Orwellian drama from award winning playwright Meville Lovatt.

Melville writes: “I have always been acutely aware of just how fragile democracy is. I think this feeling triggered the play. It unfolded, as I wrote it, like a very dark dream. With recent events in China and particularly, Belarus, I consider the play remains relevant to today.”

‘The Powers That Be’ won The Sussex Playwrights Club 1st Prize Best Play Award. It was presented as a rehearsed reading as part of The Brighton Fringe Festival. The Dean Productions Theatre Company is making a Podcast for release in early 2022.

Melville Lovatt’s plays have been performed quite widely in smaller theatres throughout London and to a lesser degree in the north of England. His full-length play, ‘Small Mercies’ won the Jack Langford Memorial Award and The Derek Lomas Memorial Award.

His 16 Monologue Collection, ‘Standing Alone’ (eight Monologues for women, eight monologues for men) won The National Operatic & Dramatic Association London Region Performance Showcase Festival Award in June 2018.

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