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Monday 7 December, 7pm – Player Playwrights Xmas Zoom Party

Please join us for drinks and canapes (please supply your own) from 7pm onwards Monday evening's entertainment so far is as follows: LEAGUE OF HUMANS - a rallying poem by Phil Philmar LOOK BACK IN ANGUISH - a poem written and performed by Melville Lovatt WILD CHERRY RED - a sketch by Sally Sheringham performed by Anthea Courtenay & Pete Picton. CHRISTMAS 1960 - a monologue by Eamon O'Donnell - performed by Phil Philmar SANTA STORY - A poem - written and performed by Melville Lovatt TOP TEN TIPS - A poem - written and performed by Phil Philmar

Any other suitable contributions welcome by Friday midday latest please. Please email Lynne at

Party hats optional.

Rather than collapsing under the strain of Covid, Player Playwrights has gone from strength to strength with our Zoom meetings and the programme for 2021 is looking just as good.

The 2021 programme returns on Monday 11 January with a dystopian drama, Scorched Earth from Helena Thompson. Put it in your diary.

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