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Monday 23 November, 7.30pm : Hampers / The Play of Light

A double bill of new work online this week

HAMPERS by Eamann Breen

​HAMPERS tries to answer some of the most profound questions of our time - Can money buy happiness? Are we defined by our friendships? Can you order a hamper for Easter that doesn't contain chocolate? HAMPERS is a comedy about strangers and shopping.

Hampers is one of the runners up in the Open Radio Competition. Eamann Breen is a playwright and storyteller and his other work performed at Player-Playwrights are The Hostages (2018) and The Wasps (2020). Last year his play Shin-AID was a Druid Theatre Debut at the Galway International Arts Festival.


Eminent art historian, Lady Fiona Cavendish-Browne is delivering yet another of her lunchtime lectures to the great and the good when her talk and her life unravel....

A former City lawyer, Tom Pauk now writes plays and works in the areas of criminal justice, dementia and suicide prevention.

All Player Playwright members can access the live and online play reading.

If you would like to become a member, it is really simple. Email Tony Diggle on for details.

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