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Monday 22 May, 7.30pm HIGHER GROUND & A MATTER OF SOME DELICACY Upstairs @ North London Tavern

A new season of plays and events begins with a double bill of short plays from Robert Frew:


The eve of the Eurovision Song Contest and the national juries are voting. Idealistic young juror, Yusif, attempts to manipulate his country’s vote to make a public protest against its authoritarian regime. Fearing the consequences for her protégé, elderly head juror, Sabina, desperately tries to stop him. HIGHER GROUND explores the question of whether it is right to stand up to dictatorship regardless of personal cost.


A short comedy for stage. BBC television presenter, Sarah Smith, has posted a careless tweet that has offended the sensibilities of a ‘tiny, intolerant, but extremely vocal minority’ and is about to face the consequences.

Robert Frew is a playwright based in Scotland and East Sussex. His one-act play THE PALACE GARDEN was a winner of the Scenesaver 'Just Write' International Playwriting Competition and was performed at The White Bear in March 2023. His short play BATAVIAN was shortlisted for the Windsor Fringe, Kenneth Branagh Award in 2020.

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