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LUNCH DATE & THE PALACE GARDEN : 7.30pm, Monday 25 January

Two new short plays from playwright Member Robert Frew:


Dan and Abi are having an affair, of sorts, which plays out through their socially distanced lunchtime encounters in a graveyard next to Dan's place of work. Now, after four years and one day, Abi is desperate to move their relationship on to a different level. But can she persuade an anxious and guilt-ridden Dan to take the plunge, knowing the `collateral damage` that will ensue?


A beleaguered Middle Eastern dictator encounters a young man digging a ditch in the garden of his presidential palace. As the sound of angry protests from beyond the palace walls grows ever louder, the dictator confides he has only two options left to him: continue to wield his sword or fall upon it. At a loss as to which to choose, he enlists the help of the terrified young man and his 'ditch' to help him decide.

​Robert Frew is an aspiring playwright from East Sussex. He has previously brought two plays to Player Playwrights. One of these, the short play Batavian, made the shortlist of three playwriting competitions in 2020.

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