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Laurel and Hancock: 7.30pm, Monday 8 February 2021

Laurel and Hancock by Clive Goodman

In 1960s Hollywood Stan Laurel is retired and in the phone book. Anyone, from his fans, to world famous artists writers and comedians, can and do call him. Top comedians visit him in his apartment for advice, including Tony Hancock, now battling alcoholism and with his UK career floundering, but still hoping to exchange East Cheam for world fame as he makes his US film debut. What advice has this comedy icon for "The Lad Himself"?

Format: Stage

Clive Greenwood co-wrote "Goodbye; the (after)life of Cook & Moore" with fellow PP actor/writer Jonathan Hansler, and his play "The Ballad of Crookback & Shakespeare" (co-written with Jason Wing) will be published in May.

The cast:

Stan Laurel – Pete Picton

Ida Laurel - Ayvianna Snow

PA - Jonathan Hansler

Tony Hancock - Clive Greenwood

Stage Directions - Lynne O'Sullivan

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