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A Night of Monologues 2: 7.30pm, Monday 8 March 2021

A second night of short monologues from Player Playwrights Members. Not to be missed.

PASTIES by Peter Carty - read by Phil Philmar

A FAULT ON THE LINE by Sally Lewis - read by Diana Brooks

WATER TORTURE by Michael Sharp - read by Anthea Courtenay

MAGGIE by Richard Fitchett - read by Pete Picton

DIRECTOR'S NOTES by Ian Reade - read by Phil Philmar

RED by Joanne Bhouri - read by Fiona McKinnon

DAY-DRUM DOLDRUMS by Carrie Eden, read by Anthea Courtenay

THE LUCKY ESCAPE by Eamann Breen, read by Lou Kendon-Ross

XMAS 1960 A TALE OF HOPE AND THE PAST by Eamon McDonnell, read by Phil Philmar

LOVELY WORDS by Geoffrey Heptonstall, read by Pete Picton

BERK ON THE SEA written and performed by Lynne O'Sullivan

All our Monday night events are on Zoom for the foreseeable future. Members can access as part of their membership.

If you are a Member, remember to renew your membership. If you want to become a Member, please join us.

We have frozen our annual membership costs. It remains at £12 for the first year with an £8 annual renewal fee.

To renew your membership or to become a member contact Tony Diggle on

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