The pandemic has been a tough time for the arts community, particularly for actors and playwrights
But the members of Player Playwrights have been responding creatively to these challenging times
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I DON'T DANCE. by Ron Fernee


Ron Fernee's poignant comedy drama was scheduled to be part of the Capsule Theatre Festival, produced by the So&So Theatre Club, but lockdown got it in the way. A new recording of the play in all its glory is available to watch for free.

Ralph is a large, unkempt man in ill health who lives alone. His apparent independence masks vulnerability and fear. Jonny is 18, street smart and aspirational. Their unexpected encounter is about to change both of their lives.

To watch click here and scroll down to I Don't Dance link



Two monologues from Melville Lovatt, ‘The Wall’ and ‘The Teddy Bear’ have been filmed by the East Lane Theatre Company. Melville also directed another of the monologue, ‘Waiting For Jesus’

By Jane Lockyer Willis.   Click here to watch the monologues 

Melville's monologues come from a recently published collection, Standing Alone, which brings together eight monologues previously published by New Theatre Publications with eight new pieces.

Order Standing Alone and check other published work by Melville Lovatt

Standing Alone by Melville Lovatt

Ripper Untold

London, 1888 and the city is in fear.

A string of murders has terrified the residents of Whitechapel and Scotland Yard has no leads in the hunt for the killer. 


Jonathan Hansler takes on a lead role in a new thriller on the trail of London's most notorious killer.


Ripper Untold is now available on UK digital platforms and on DVD, including on amazon

Watch the trailer here


The Ballad of Crookback and Shakespeare – Clive Greenwood and Jason Wing

Elizabethan England – a state under surveillance – an aging Queen with no heir at its centre, the last of the Tudors, determined to justify her family’s to rule commands an unknown playwright, William Shakespeare, to illustrate this by creating the ultimate stage villain “The Crookback” King Richard III.

An  intriguing new stage drama, published in book form by TSL publishing.

Click here to buy

Facing the Enemy Cover.jpg
Facing the Enemy and  Show Me The Money by Tony Diggle

"Show me the Money" is a dark "city" comedy. David is determined to make big money and find the girl of his dreams. Jenny is determined never to do any work at all and marry a millionaire. Will they get what they want? And if they do, will it be what they expect?  

To buy click here

"Facing the Enemy" is a play about fear and conflict. A war looms over a disputed border between two far-off lands. A general derails a plan for averting it. His brother, an intelligence officer, is sent to retrieve the situation. But is everything quite what it seems?  

To buy click here

Both plays are available in hard copy (£9.99) and as e-books (£4.99) from Troubador 

Show me the Money Cover.jpg
Karmic Cycle, a film script from Debbie Nagioff

Karmic Cycle is a love story of an unusual kind, set against the backdrop of a murder mystery. In fact it begins with the murder outside a night club. Laura is a divorced artist, in her late 40s, living and working in her studio in Brighton. Her son is around 21 and at university.


She is a psychic artist and has found herself able to make “reconnaissance” trips back to previous lifetimes, evoking images of Ancient Rome and Native American reservations.

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Congratulations to Player Playwright Member Eamonn Breen whose short story, When He Told Her, is featured in a new book of Irish short stories.
Brevity is the Soul, is published by Liberties Press in Dublin, and is dedicated to celebrating Irish people’s love of a good story – and a good laugh.
When He Told Her is about a marriage break up.
To purchase the book


FAMILY ZOOM TIME by Martin Keady

Award winning PP Member Martin Keady has written an e-play created specifically for online performance.


Zooming with their mum, a brother and sister find different ways of appreciating the positive things in their lives in the face of the pandemic. 
Play for 2 women, 1 man

Purchase here

Warm and Wet and other short but occasionally moist plays 


A collection of, mostly, comedy pieces written by the multi-talented Philip Philmar.


Amongst the characters to meet: the landlord from Hell, the ghastly Mr Gumpy. Or find yourself at a bank raided by three beautiful women. Witness an AI love affair breakup. Just who would do ‘that’ to a tiger? And discover exactly what it is that is warm and wet. Most of the plays in this collection picked up top placings in the competitions, and two were awarded Play of the Year. 

So – 14 short plays, between 5 and 10 minutes long – perfect for lockdown and beyond – read them aloud when you are fed up with TV!

Price: £8.00 (includes UK delivery) to order: email Philip at

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Spirit of the Blitz by Marc Blake


During the Blitz of 1940, many thousands of Londoners were forced to take shelter in the Underground. On the very first day, twelve-year-old William Lumley, his mother, and little sister Aggie are bombed out. Fleeing to the safety of the Tube, they begin a subterranean existence.

A novel from Marc Blake.

"Compelling and evocative telling of life during the Blitz"



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