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WUTHERING TIGHTS , Excetera Theatre, Camden

5th and 6th August @7.30 / 7the August @7 pm

£8 (£6) concs

sketch show called WUTHERING TIGHTS as part of the Camden Fringe. Chaos Theory specializes in sketch and character comedy. They are two men and one woman – Neil Benson, Yasser Kayani and Olive Poppleton with director and Player Playwright member Stephen Dinsdale.


The show lasts about an hour and has a guest musician

 More information and tickets click here


Clement Attlee by Francis Beckett

Epstein Theatre, Liverpool,  26 and 27 September at 8 pm


Clement Attlee sounded like a provincial bank manager.  He was “a modest little man with plenty to be modest about.” He sat in his grey suit and puffed his pipe. This wasn’t a man to deliver a revolution. Except that he did. This is a history play for our times.  It reminds us of a time when Britain was governed competently and with integrity.  And it’s funny, too.


Clement Attlee (under its original title, A Modest Little Man) sold out in its first three runs, at Bread and Roses and Upstairs at the Gatehouse in London. 

For tickets and information




Too nice for her own good, and haunted by a painful childhood, Miranda is looking for her life’s purpose, and for romantic love. It’s London in the 1970s and New Age activities are flourishing. As she throws herself into self-development workshops, Miranda is befriended by clairvoyant healer Cassie, who predicts a happy future.

Anthea Courtenay is author of a number of short stories and several non-fiction books. CIRCLE DANCE is her first novel/

Available to buy from bookshops and online at £9.99, plus E-book version.  You can order direct from Anthea ( plus £3.50 p&p.


Dancing for England by Melville Lovatt

Melville Lovatt's new poetry collection is published by TSL.

Melville Lovatt writes: ‘I never thought I would write poetry again, having stopped writing it, for personal reasons, almost 50 years agoI believe poetry should be challenging but always accessible. I hope I have succeeded in writing varied, accessible, sometimes funny poems which can also be enjoyed when read out loud.’

Order Dancing for England here     Check out other published work by Melville 

Congratulations to Melville who has just won The Harrow Times Poetry Competition. The annual event is highly competitive and this is the fourth time Melville has won.

Hello Vera, theatre script from Debbie Nagioff

Divorcee, Ruth Gold, is struggling with acres of anxiety, streams of stress and much low self esteem. She seems to be kicked from all directions and her mother Lillian, a glamorous 50-something bombshell, is only too keen to show her how it should be done, whilst at the same time only wanting her daughter’s happiness. 


Hello Vera was given a play reading at Player Playwright

Buy Hello Vera (and check out Debbie's other books)

Improv Noodles

The multi talented Phil Philmar and his cohort Peter Stern have launched their comedy improvisation podcast, Improv Noodles. The pair improvise sketches based on emailed suggestions. Listen to the latest episode here and be a part of future episodes. Send your suggestions for a scene to Your  input is vital – and you'll get a name-check in the podcast.


Shooting The Pilot


The legendary writing team of Laurence Marks and Maurice Gran, who also happen to be Player Playwright stalwarts, have a new new book in the offing, Shooting the Pilot.


The book includes six of their hit pilot scripts, including Birds of a Feather and The New Statesman, plus the one that got away.


Lady Ottoline Pierpoint’s Guide to Intimate Behaviour for Gentlewomen was a pilot they wrote which never got made.

Click here to pre order Shooting the Pilot



A funny, heart-warming novel from actress and writer Lynne O'Sullivan.

This is the tale of fifty-year old Gloria who, on losing both her partner and her job, is forced to make changes to her life, often with hilarious consequences.

Lynne performed a short monologue from Gloria, which is available on the Player Playwright YouTube site.  


Available through most online outlets or direct from Troubador Publishing


The Ballad of Crookback and Shakespeare – Clive Greenwood and Jason Wing

Elizabethan England – a state under surveillance – an aging Queen with no heir at its centre, the last of the Tudors, determined to justify her family’s to rule commands an unknown playwright, William Shakespeare, to illustrate this by creating the ultimate stage villain “The Crookback” King Richard III.

An  intriguing new stage drama, published in book form by TSL publishing.

Click here to buy

Facing the Enemy Cover.jpg
Facing the Enemy and  Show Me The Money by Tony Diggle

"Show me the Money" is a dark "city" comedy. David is determined to make big money and find the girl of his dreams. Jenny is determined never to do any work at all and marry a millionaire. Will they get what they want? And if they do, will it be what they expect?  

To buy click here

"Facing the Enemy" is a play about fear and conflict. A war looms over a disputed border between two far-off lands. A general derails a plan for averting it. His brother, an intelligence officer, is sent to retrieve the situation. But is everything quite what it seems?  

To buy click here

Both plays are available in hard copy (£9.99) and as e-books (£4.99) from Troubador 

Show me the Money Cover.jpg

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