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Shinaid by Eamann Breen

An Irish woman in London experiences a dramatic and life changing event that forces her to look at her life choices...


Player Playwright member Eamann Breen's radio play SHINAID is available now on  RTE Radio 1's DRAMA ON ONE series. Listen here




'POWER AND PROTEST' by Robert Frew

The Drayton Arms Theatre SW5

7.30 pm Sunday 2 and Monday 3 June.

Robert Frew's production of three of his one-act political plays


A palace gardener is cornered by his employer, a brutal but beleaguered dictator, who astonishingly hands him the power to determine his fate and that of the entire nation. 

The Palace Garden was a winner of the Scenesaver 'Just Write' International Playwriting Award in 2023.


Ruthlessly ambitious parliamentary researcher, Ricky Carter, assistant to the Hon. Hugh Dundas MP, is determined to do 'whatever it takes' to reach the top in politics. 

 Batavian was shortlisted for the Kenneth Branagh International Playwriting Award in 2020.


It is the eve of the Eurovision Song Contest and the national juries are voting. Idealistic young juror, Yusif, attempts to manipulate his country's vote to make a public protest against its authoritarian regime. 


Further information and tickets

Tom Lehrer is Teaching Math and Doesn’t Want to Talk to You

May 28 to June 9

Upstairs at the Gatehouse in Highgate Village

The latest play from Francis Beckett is an exploration of why renowned satirist and singer-songwriter Tom Lehrer, at the height of his fame in the early sixties, gave it all up and spent the rest of his working life as an obscure Maths lecturer.  Along the way, we get in a lot of his biggest hits: The Elements (of course), Poisoning Pigeons in the Park, We Will All Go Together When We Go, and many more.

Buy your ticket here

Power & Protest weblisting.jpg

Art by Peter Carty

A visionary curator sets up a gallery in a decaying warehouse in Hoxton, bringing together a group of radical young artists at a seminal moment in British art.  Art is a dark satire about the birth of Young British Artists in the 90s. 

A gloriously vivid debut - the I

Order book here 

Monday 3 June, 7pm

Reference.Point Bookshop, just off the Strand on Arundel Street.

Carty in discussion with the Observer's architecture critic, Rowan Moore, about artists, gentrification and property. Evening includes a DJ and a light show on either side of the talk proper, which will be from 7pm to 8pm. 

Tickets available

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